Sunday, January 29, 2023



Hi, all!
So I am now day 3 post-op and am back home down here in Portland. (We got back yesterday afternoon).
My surgery went great w/o complications, said my neurosurgeon. my CAT scan afterwards showed no brain bleeding & that they leads were placed exactly where my neurosurgeon wanted them placed.
Overall the surgery was a weird experience! It was strange being awake for so much of it. It was really bizarre feeling the vibrations and hearing the sounds of the skull drill – and also hearing the sounds of the scalpel scraping into my skin for the incisions. It was also weird to feel them take out the test leads/electrodes – it felt like them pulling out a long spaghetti noodle from my brain. It also felt weird having them poke and prode around inside my brain while being awake. The most uncomfortable part of the surgery BY-FAR was them removing the catheter… (OUCH!)
The surgery took about 6hrs total.
Next week on Thursday (2/2/23) I’m going BACK up to UW in Seattle for stage II of the procedure – insertion of the Medtronic pulse generator & the connection of the wires to it.
They won’t turn my pulse generator on for a little over one month after this upcoming surgery. My first programming appt is March 3rd.
Overall the care and team at UW was fantastic! I’m so glad I had my retired-ICU nurse Mom there to keep me company and make sure the nurses were doing things correctly! My Mama is THE BEST nurse, ever!
We ran some annoying issues with my medications they were suppose to provide me… Just them not having them on hand and the nurses messing them up in the computer… And one SUPER incompetent pharmacist at the pharmacy when we were trying to pick up my Oxycodone to leave the hospital. (Boy was that a story!).
First picture is immediately after surgery – other picture is yesterday afternoon.
Thanks again, all – for the prayers, well-wishes, and good vibes! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

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