Sunday, April 23, 2023


Hi, everyone! 

So I had an appt w/ my psychiatrist up at UW on Friday via Telemedicine. The first thing he said to me is "gee, Mitch... You do realize you're on a lot of medications, right?". UH–DUH! But then you'll never guess what he said 10mins later; "let's put you on one more!". No joke. 

I had been experiencing SEVERE daily constant anxiety and panic attacks for the past 3 weeks. I thought it was related to my neurostimulator setting that they programmed me to at my appt on 4/7/23. So two days after that appt I went back down to 3.0mA's bilaterally on my stimulator thinking it was the change that was causing all of this. WELL COME TO FIGURE OUT it was the addt'l 5mg's of Haloperidol (my Tourette's medication) that I started taking the day of 4/7/23. I took started taking an addt'l 5mg's of Haldol because my Tourette's was getting bad on the new settings. So I figured upping the dose of Haldol would be appropriate. My psychiatrist down here in Portland okayed the move. Unbeknownst to me that overdoseage of Haldol can cause akathisia and anxiety in patients. So all along it was this damn addt'l 5mg's of Haldol that I self-RX'd myself. I have STOPPED taking the addt'l 5mg's daily and have gone back down to my original dose of 5mg's daily of Haldol. This has helped ease my anxiety SO much! I'm doing much better now. The new medication that my psychiatrist up at UW wanted to put me on is called "Propranolol" aka a beta-blocker. He said that this should be very effective at controlling my anxiety. But if I've solved my issue w/ the Haldol–then do I need to take it? That's the question I'm asking myself. Part of me HATES the idea of taking another freakin' medication. (I'm already on like 7-8). But if it will help keep my anxiety under control, then my interest is definitely peaked. So we'll see if I end up taking it. The other question is if my neurologist wants me to go back to the prior settings that she and my neurophysicist and Medtronic rep programmed me to during my last appt. (I'm waiting to hear back via MyChart). 

I'm so looking forward to the days that I can kiss my anxiety goodbye forever. It's so intolerable and uncomfortable to deal with. ESPECIALLY the panic attacks. I hate never knowing just when once will spawn and the wondering we're I'll be if one comes on, if I'll be able to make it back home before all hell breaks loose, etc. The PTSD I get from the panic attacks is SO severe. It's so disabling sometimes...

Anyways, my friends! Please keep me in your prayers and wish me good vibes! Pray that my anxiety and panic attacks get better and that I will have a bright future come here soon! Also pray for guidance for my team and doctors so that they can give me the best care possible. 

Thanks, all!

– M 


  1. Do NOT take the Propranolol if you are doing okay without it.

    1. I am currently not taking it... I am seeing how I do w/ the reduction of the Haldol and will reevaluate in a week or two whether my anxiety/panic disorder would necessitate me having to take the Propranolol. My psychiatrist was very ardent that it would help me. But he advised me not to take it if my anxiety is better with the reduction of the Haldol.

  2. I research all meds on Webmd or elsewhere and read the reviews. Often the scary ones don't apply to me.

    1. Yeah, I do too sometimes... Albeit I'm VERY familiar with most all the pharmaceutical drugs for anxiety, depression, Tourette's, OCD, insomnia, etc...