Monday, December 26, 2022

One month 'til my surgery! 

In exactly one month from now, Jan 26th 2023, I will be having my first DBS surgery procedure performed! (That is if insurance comes through and ends up covering the surgery). I won't know if my insurance will cover the cost of the procedure until 1-1.5 weeks prior to the first surgery. I don't know why this is... But it's just the way it goes – as says my neurosurgeon and team. I am SO hoping they will cover it. I will be so upset if they do not. There is the option of possibly paying out-of-pocket... But the surgery is $120,000 – JUST for the surgery. So obviously it's preferable that insurance cover it. As I do not want to have to dip into my savings to pay for the procedure. But I WILL if I need to! 

Anyways, if I could get your guys' prayers and good thoughts sent my way re/ insurance covering the procedure – I would MUCH appreciate it! 

I'm really excited about this procedure and am hoping to god that it will help alleviate my OCD symptoms and Anxiety and Panic Disorder symptoms. (And depression, also). I've read studies that show that DBS-for-OCD can reduce co-morbid Depression and Anxiety symptoms by up to 40%. If that could be the case for me – that would be HUGE! Any reduction in my Anxiety and Depression is welcome. 

I'm trying not to worry about the insurance component. My neurosurgeon Dr. Ko said that I need to leave it in his and the hospital's/team/s hands – and not worry about it. He said the odds are about 50/50. He said he DID have a good feeling that he could get my insurance to cover it.

It's just hard not constantly jumping to the negative possible outcome and worrying/doubting...

Well... Wish me luck, guys! 

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