Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Hi, all! So today (this AM) I met my Medtronic representative at a Starbucks 20mins away from my house and had her turn up my neurostimulator's parameters to 3.0m/a's.  I talked with my neurologist yesterday, and she agreed to let me have this done—but she had to check with Dr. Martijn Figee @ Mt. Sinai hospital in NYC to see if it would be appropriate. (Given that we're following HIS "Dutch" protocol.) He agreed and gave the green light. So I just had it turned up 2hrs ago. Immediately I felt an increase in energy and motivation. I am a little bit hypermanic – but it's welcome compared to how I was feeling before having this done. 

I feel SO much better—it's amazing! This technology is so crazy and fascinating to me. How by the switch of a button and some extra "juice"—how I can feel immediate relief. 

Anyways, keep me in your thoughts & prayers, please! I hope I'll be able to fall asleep at this higher amplitude setting. That would suck if I have trouble sleeping again. I have my appt up at University of WA in 10 days from now—so I'll be able to talk with my team and doctors about my progress and sleep, then. 

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