Saturday, April 15, 2023

 I'm doing a little bit better now...

Hi, all!

So some good news. My neurologist gave me permission to turn my neurostimulator to 3.0mA's bilaterally yesterday AM. So I have done that and it's got me feeling a little bit better. I'm still struggling immensely with daily constant anxiety and an "impending doom" feeling... But I haven't had a panic attack since Thursday–which is GOOD. I'm feeling like I need A LOT more stimulation than I'm currently getting. So on Monday when UW's neurology clinic opens I'm going to call and ask my neurologist if I could possibly have my settings turned up some (maybe to 3.4-3.5mA's bilaterally)–and have my local PDX Medtronic representative come meet me somewhere so she can update my settings.

The last week has been miserable for me. I'm HATING this CONSTANT anxiety I'm having. It's all just so frustrating–especially since on Friday last week I was feeling so good after my appointment.

Anyways... If you all could keep praying for me–I'd MUCH appreciate it! Pray that the anxiety subsides and that I can get some mental relief SOON! Also pray for guidance for my doctors and team up at UW...

Thanks for reading – catch 'ya in the next blog! 

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  1. It's heartening to hear about your progress. Having a dedicated Neurologist Doctor In Chennai must have contributed significantly. Wishing you continued improvements on this journey!